“ It is a green friendly company, Amigo will look after your waste, recycle and make the world a better place.”


How does Amigo Rubbish work?

Our services are fast, reliable and responsible. Our process is simple, after booking, we come to your premises, collect the rubbish or junk and take it for disposal.

What does Amigo Rubbish take?

We take many types of junk and waste. We take up anything from debris, timber, building materials, electrical wiring, old furniture to scrap, electronics, household items, clothing, paper, documents, newspapers, computers and monitors, old tools, metal, glass, tables, chairs, equipment, plastic items, etc.

What doesn’t Amigo Rubbish take?

We can’t take asbestos, chemicals, petrol, paint, solvents, kerosene, oil canes, explosives, radioactive material, etc.

Where does Amigo Rubbish operate?

We operate in Sydney.

Is it possible to know the price in advance?

Yes. When you get contact us, we will provide you with an estimate.

What are your prices?

Since each property and junk is different, we have our own pricing strategy. You can contact u to know the pricing in advance.

What if i have more junk after booking an appointment?

No worries. Our team will collect all your unwanted stuff and rubbish.

Do i need to be present on the day?

No. If you can’t be there, just let us access your property and junk. We can confirm with you over the phone before removal.

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