Most of the people believe that mattress should not be removed because they can perform for a very long time; however, in reality, they should be regularly changed, say in around 10 years. Of course, it is an expensive affair, but it is a fact that they should be changed otherwise they may start troubling you.

We are the experts in Sydney

When it comes to mattress and red removal, we are the experts in Sydney. We have the required experience and expertise of removal and disposal services. We have a team of professional who can handle the task in a seamless manner.

Our services are fast, transparent…

We, at Amigo Rubbish, specialise in same day services. Our removal experts will come to your place and take the mattress and whisk it away as fast as possible, providing you complete peace of mind. We also make sure that all our employees are sufficiently trained to handle any complex task. If you want to get rid of your old mattress and bed, then you should call us.

Our services are fast, transparent and simple. If your junk is not reusable or recyclable, our team can dispose of it in the most responsible manner. If necessary, we can donate your old bed and mattress to needy people.

Why choose Amigo Rubbish –

  • We provide affordable and quick services.
  • We have years of experience in the domain.
  • We use advanced techniques and tools as well as procedures.
  • Our team is professional, reliable and focused.
  • We are licensed and qualified to perform any rubbish removal service in Sydney.

Our pricing is completely transparent. We aim to make sure that everything collected is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. We are striving to make our service Australia wide. Book our services for your home or business, including offices in Sydney.

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